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CI offers a wide selection of models to meet the needs of any customer. The variety of the offer involves all types of motorcaravans and their interior fittings. The offer of models, organised into ranges, is able to meet the different and growing needs of the customer with an increasingly rich product.

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A long experience and a strong personality capable of maintaining its reliability and its value over time.

CI is a company gaining an ever greater following, also at an international level, and one of the most significant production models in the European motorcaravan industry.
As historic company on the motorcaravan scene, CI can offer competitive products both in terms of price and equipment, which are at the cutting edge thanks to the excellent construction techniques adopted.

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Perfect for any kind of holiday, compact, handy, plenty of stowage space. For sportspeople or modern explorers, as a couple or family, the Kyros van offers three ranges, on FIAT mechanics, differing in equipment, style and fittings. For over 15 years CI has also been a van specialist. 

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