CI: an invaluable choice.

CI is a company gaining an ever greater following, also at an international level, and one of the most significant production models in the European motorcaravan industry.
Established on the foundations of know-how from a historic company on the motorcaravan scene, CI can offer competitive products both in terms of price and equipment, which are at the cutting edge thanks to the excellent construction techniques adopted.

ExPS : Protection in Evolution

More insulation, more protection, less noise.

With Extreme Protection System EVO, 6 years’ peace of mind!  

Made to Breathe

 By study of interior climate and air circulation CI offers a motorcaravan that "breathes”.

All Inclusive travelling!

 The range CI offers all-inclusive solutions: super equipped for stylish holiday! 

The Italian with a Nordic disposition!

Designed for distribution From Northern Europe to Southern Italy, every CI vehicle uses technologies and materials that ensure high performance and a perfect climate. So you’re always at ease in your vehicle, whatever the temperature outside, CI offers the technology you need… when you need it!

The whole world in the garage!

Because those with big projects need their space.

Unique, different and really, really flexible!

Conquering flexibility.
A conquest resulting from the efforts of CI designers, who were the first to apply the Flex Space mechanism to double beds.

Spaces for your world and your relationships.

I feel good!
Spaces designed by expert hands in a continuous exchange of usability, necessity and practicality.

Vehicles “UnderControl”

Because we know that satisfying our customers depends greatly on the quality of our products.

ALDE heating

According to the same principle that characterises domestic systems, the Alde heating system features a liquid heat-transfer medium which is heated by a gas boiler